Rain: 1.81" Season Total: 10.67"

Friday through Monday brought us 1.81" of rain and the beautiful snow shown in the previous blog post. The weekend's rainfall came on the heels of 2" of rain (Friday AM) and 1" of rain in the previous storm.

I've updated my graph of local rainfall from a previous post to reflect the recent rainfall.

I am more concerned than I used to be about the possibility of under-reporting rainfall. I often read my rain gauge when I get home from work in the evening. If rain stopped in the AM, then there may be a significant amount of evaporation. I'll have to make an estimate of this effect.


  1. That occurred to me too...so I did a test and filled the rain gauge on a day when it wasn't raining and there wasn't any evaporation over a 48-hr period.

    But that's San Francisco where it's always (mostly) cooler than it is in L.A., so water won't evaporate as fast.

  2. Great minds must think alike.

    While home for lunch today, I filled the rain gauge to the 0.7" mark and then checked this evening. No change in level was observed on this crisp but sunny day.