LAX dune cleanup

We spent the morning working this beautiful area with degraded habitat near Los Angeles International Airport. I found some cool Great Horned Lizards - three or four depending upon whether I was double counting one of them or not.

Rain 0.3"; season total 7.37"

With 0.3" of rain in my back yard, I'm up to 7.37" of rain.

San Pedro annex has only 0.25" of rain. 


...perhaps that's why they call it frog fruit

This is Phyla nodiflora, (frog fruit, sawtooth fogfruit, turkey tangle, Lippia) but you can also find it called fogfruit (without the "r"). Perhaps the fogfruit camp never saw the green color and flipper-like growths that remind me of frog's feet.


Winter is spring

In California and other Mediterranean climates our time for most plant growth is now (winter through early spring) instead of spring through summer.  Here's some native plants doing their thing on 1/24/15.


I'm sure there's a lot of local pride...

...to have such a wonderful landmark at the corner.

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Excellence in pruning

Suggestion: Next time plant something that grows to an appropriate size.

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