Rain 1.0"; Seasonal total 6.86"

0.8" yesterday and 0.2" overnight. Seasonal total in my back yard is now 6.86", which is slightly above the 60 year median.

I probably under report rainfall since sometimes I won't check until the end of the day. Evaporation may have stolen some of my collected rain by that time. Additionally, if we get a light sprinkle, I can't usually measure it accurately and end up not reporting.

A previous post has interesting graphs of this season's rainfall total.

Edit 25 Jan: Rain continues with 2" recorded from yesterday (not included in figures given above) through this AM. Most of that was overnight - a high rate of rainfall for this area. I went on a downspout inspection tour with umbrella and headlamp around midnight and found a stream running through my side yard and out to the street, and surface water lapping up against the house. I already direct my gutters into the garden, but it was coming down too fast to soak in. This is definitely a situation I ought to address to keep the water on property but away from the house.

With just this 2" of rain additional (more is on the way) we're well into the 4th quartile of rainfall for January, but we'd have to get to about 9.75" to beat January, 2004 .

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