3.37" rain; season total 24.6"

This isn't even the latest - there was a day of drizzle that added on, but you can still be amazed at 24.6" of rain as of Feb 19th!  That's huge for the LA area.   Notably, the rainfall on 18 Feb brought about twice as much to the Santa Barbara area only 100 miles to the north, and got them out of the worst of their drought.

11-Feb    0.24"    21.47"   
18-Feb    3.09"    24.56"    6"+ in Santa Barbara
19-Feb    0.04"    24.60"   


2.81" of rain; season total 21.23"

2/7/17 2.81"

A banner year for rain, with 21.23" in my back yard so far.  As I write this (on 2/10, I'm not quite up to the moment in my reporting), more rain is falling.

If you are not from Southern California, you might not appreciate how beyond normal this is.  To put it in perspective, between 1944 and 2010 in Los Angeles, only 6 years had greater rainfall during the entire winter season than we have to date!   Interestingly, those 6 "high water marks" all occurred in water year 1977 or later, which seems to be a statistical anomaly that it's tempting to blame on climate change.


0.56" rain; season total 18.42"

3 Feb 2017 0.53" the main storm
4 Feb 2017 0.03" overnight
That season total is a lot of rain for us!

More storms are rolling in right now.