Rainfall total 5.05"

We had a low rain year, with only 5.05" accounted for in my back yard. I've been less diligent this year about tracking each storm, but I think I'm mostly on target. Regional news is saying that we are back in drought mode but that Southern California is in better shape to get through drought than Northern California due to stored water. The last three years of rainfall backs that story up: S. California accumulated in the prior two years and we'll use that accumulated water this year. Northern California had far less than normal rainfall this year - so much so that you have to look back to the 1970s drought to find the equal. Sierra snowpack is also not overwhelming. Daniel Swain covers this in detail in his weatherwest blog. This bit of drought news, slightly reassuring though it is for me, still makes me want to get a gray water system going. This year's lower amount follows about 16" in 2019-20 and about 25" in 2018-2019, measured in the same location in my back yard. That's the way of California weather - variable; and even more so due to climate change.
2020-2021 rainfall		
Date     Amount (in.)  Cumulative
11/7/2020   0.24        0.24
12/28/2020  1.7         1.94
1/25/2021   0.24        2.18
1/29/2021   1.37        3.55
3/3/2021    0.13        3.68
3/10/2021   0.78        4.46
3/11/2021   0.37        4.83
3/12/2021   0.02        4.85
3/15/2021   0.2         5.05