Rain 2.27"; season total 5.28"

We've had a couple rain storms that left about an inch of rain, one in December and one last week.  That's a nice amount of rain for us, distributed over a comfortable amount of time.  My native plants are loving the cool and wet soil and hopefully setting their roots for summer.

1.12" rain 25 Jan.  The San Pedro Annex had 0.5".  I tend to measure more rain than the Annex, a 10 minute drive and at least one Sunset garden zone away.
0.25" 26 Jan
0.09" 27 Jan

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Green walls at Charles de Gaulle

I didn't get a chance to do more than snap a photo as I walked by, neither one of which is all that great. There were several of these were in the immense Gate M area.

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Recent rains; Season total 3.82"

14 Dec 2012 0.08"
15 Dec 2012 0.02"
16 Dec 2012 0.09"
17 Dec 2012 0.05"
18 Dec 2012 0.29"
19 Dec 2012 0.22"
28 Dec 2012 0.95" upon my return from vacation. Probably more since I'm told the rain came soon after the 19th.
06 Jan 2013 0.06"
10 Jan 2013 0.01" not actually measured - ground wet and v. minor puddles

Weather.com will display recorded precipitation if you select the monthly display, howver, I find that they are often quite different than what I record.  A brief search for confirming rainfall data on the web seemed to show that while wind speed and temperature were measured at 10 local weather stations (some private and some government run) not one reported rainfall.  It's hard to believe that this is true, so I will assume I'm looking in the wrong place.  The alternative is that rainfall reports are extrapolated from widely dispersed ground gauges or from radar images.  This seems a poor way to do business since rainfall can vary widely from my side of the hill (leeward of the ocean) to points only a short distance away (facing the ocean or on the flats).

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Large Toyon

This is one of the larger Toyons I've seen. It and some others of similar stature are located nearby in Peck Park. Maximum height by width given on the Payne Foundation website is 15'x15'. Las Pilitas says up to 20' tall if it's a happy plant.   This seems at least 30' tall.

Don't be confused because there's only berries on the lower branches - the Toyon has a tree-like stature in this photo.

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Peck Park

06 Jan with Dan Gutierrez

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