2018-2019 rainfall total 25.32"

Here's all the data that I recorded during the last rainy season. There are certainly a few minor errors, since I wasn't as attentive as in previous years, so consider this total a lower bound.  The overall take home message was that we got plenty of rain.

Date RecordedAmountCumulative



Miss Rhumphius

I received a recommendation for a children's book the other day. 

Miss Rhumphius is a woman who scatters lupine seed all around town. Written by Barbara Cooney, it has very nice illustrations.  Available at the usual places one buys such things, you can read it to a child in kindergarten or they might read it on their own in later grades.

The book seems apropos because of the native Arroyo lupine that grows all over Palos Verdes, despite the tendency of the city to treat it like a common weed. Someday I fear it will all be gone in favor of non-native grasses. A lupine explosion might wake a few people up to the beauty that we have already for free in our back yard.


TPF 2/16/19

In years past, this is the sort of thing that a gardener would tape into their garden notebook. I'll just leave it here.

For later search:

Lepechinia cardiophylla 1 9.00
Diplacus (Mimulus) 'Trish' 2 16
Calystegia macrstegia 1 9.00
Styrax redivivus 1 9.00
Cirsium occidentale 4" 3 13.50
Carex pansa 4" 12 54.00
Seeds 2 9.00

Brent - via iPhone

Fwd: New California Roadkill Observation System!

I previously noted to good work of the CROS.  Although somewhat morbid, roadkill is certainly a definite way to identify wildlife. Identifying is the first step to managing (perhaps with a view to alleviate roadkill?).  Tagged this with the camera trap tag while tongue firmly in cheek.

Some time ago I received this nice update on the new Roadkill Observation System from Fraser Shilling:

Dear CROS Team,
We are happy to announce a new version of CROS!
New CROS offers the following:

* Support for smartphones and tablets (mobile devices). You can now enter data with your smart phone more easily.
* Single photo upload to create observation. If you setup your phone to allow location to be shared (called geotagging), uploading only the photo will create the whole record. This saves lots of time, and you can optionally enter more details, like the species, at a later time.
* More streamlined user interface for entering data.
* You can still view all of your data on a map, or download it to a CSV file.

If you have entered at least one observation into CROS, we transferred your account to new CROS, and all you need to do is setup a new password. Here are the steps.
1. Go to this page:
2. Enter your email address and click submit. Then check your email and click on the link that will help you reset your password.
3. Enter your new password and you should be all set to use it next time you want to login.

If you have any problems, just email Fraser & Dave (fmshilling@ucdavis.edu; dwaetjen@ucdavis.edu) and we can help you.

If you signed up for CROS but never entered an observation, you will need to create a new account (or enter observations anonymously). Follow this link to create an account:
Thanks for your interest and contributions,
The CROS Team at the Road Ecology Center


The plant sales start early

Made the following purchase at Annie's Annuals at sale prices.  While this is clear-out-the old type of sale, the bring-in-the-new type of native plant sales are just around the corner.  I hope I can bridge the end months of summer with these plants into the cooler establishment months of autumn. 

With shipping, I pay the same price at Annie's as full retail in my neck of the woods (Los Angeles area) but I don't have to put up with traffic.  Also, I figured out a way to filter Annie's web site sale items for California Native plants, so it made my selection easier. (As a side note, having decided that I will garden with Ca native plants exclusively actually makes my gardening easier.  Imagine the analysis paralysis that I would have if I could choose outside that slice of the plant world.) 

I already have one successful 'Margarita BOP' Penstemon but two others failed in nearby locations.  I'll get a retry with this order.  Also, I'll have a similar set of P. 'Blue Springs' to play with - maybe I will plant them together in a big drift or two. 

The Monardella 'Marian Sampson' is an experiment.  I think that underneath the Encelia where it will get occasional summer water would be a good place.  Apparently it's hard to establish, so I will improve my odds with two.

Annie's received the following order on 08/20/19
Order Information:
Order #235504
Item ID Product Name Quantity Unit Price Total
4611 Penstemon heterophyllus 'Margarita BOP' 2 $6.71 $13.42
5062 Monardella macrantha 'Marian Sampson' 2 $5.96 $11.92
818 Penstemon heterophyllus 'Blue Springs' "Foothill Penstemon" 2 $6.71 $13.42
Subtotal $38.76
Sales Tax (9.50%) $3.68
Shipping $13.95
Total $56.39
Credit Card $56.39