Good, cheap, flower pots at the "pot depot"

At the seminar tonight, a couple of the attendees recommended going to the Pot Depot(?) on Hoover for inexpensive clay pots. This is the one near the school bus yard that's visible between the transition from the 91 to the 110/405 freeways.

The hot tip was to visit their yard where the seconds are on display and get a really great price, rather than just a good price with the perfect pots.

Directions: Vermont south to 182nd, turn left, pass Home Depot, go S. on Hoover.

A little Googling turns up
Pottery MFG & Distributing Inc, 18881 South Hoover Street, Gardena

map link

These guys will even custom make pottery for you. I can't believe I've never checked them out.

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