Summer snooze coming to an end

There's been an excess of hot weather here that has now mercifully come to a close.  My garden has suffered, since I've been focused elsewhere.  I'm regretting the slowdown, but for some years now I've felt that like a many California native plants I only come awake in the fall.  The blog has suffered too - I found two nearly month old comments that I felt shamed for not noticing before.  I thought I was using Google's smart comment filtering and that most would be approved automatically.  Apparently not.

The end of summer is always presaged by a regular event: Fall plant sales! An onslaught of advertisements arrive in my inbox for California native plant sales.  First in this year was High Country Gardens, which told me that I needed to buy my seed ASAP for fall planting.  Then one from The Payne Foundation - I didn't read it closely, but it might have been their regular monthly emailing.  Annies Annuals hit my inbox too - again a monthly mailing I think.  I like looking at their garden beauty shots.  Tree of Life nursery, Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, and my local native plant group all have sales coming up.  I recommend all of them, but I won't be able to go to more than a few, so I'll pick and choose carefully.

From Connie Vadheim Roth came the most informative of the emails - a list of local sales dates, carefully compiled with links.  She has posted the same information at Mother Nature's Backyard blog, but it's not immediately obvious where to click.  Click here for the Fall Plant Sale list on MNBB. I've replicated the list below, mostly so that I can look at it.