Rain 0.7"; season total 11.00"

After last week's series of storms, we have more rain for this time in the season, than in any rainy season in the prior 6 years. 

In the two watches department: On Facebook, my neighbors noted that they had about 8" of rain for the last series of storms versus my 7.14" (which I borrowed from SpaceX, only a mile or so up the road since my gauge overflowed while I was away).  I guess I'll have to just note that there's some uncertainty there, unless I can find a closer weather site to break the disagreement.  What's this have to do with two watches?  I've said for years that only the man with two watches doesn't know what time it is.


Rain 0.66"; season total 10.30"

In normal circumstances, this would be a significant rainfall, but given last week's performance by Mother Nature, it seems mundane.

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Rain 7.14"; season total 9.64"

15 Dec, 2010 0.01" overnight
16 Dec, 2010 through Dec 24th, 2010, estimated over 7 inches! 

I was away from the house and my poor rain gauge maxes out at 5.5".  That max is somewhat below the upper lip and the gauge seems to have overflowed, so I'm estimating 7" or more in my back yard.  That's a phenomenal amount of rain for California.  I won't belabor that point, since it's already been all over the news.

Rainfall amounts at nearby SpaceX, just up the road, were:
15 Dec 0.01" (agrees with me, good)
16 Dec 0.02"
17 Dec 0.44"
18 Dec 1.15"
19 Dec 2.09"
20 Dec 1.28"
21 Dec 0.87"
22 Dec 1.27"
23 Dec 0.01"
24 Dec 0.00"

For a total of 7.14", in good enough agreement with my estimate.  On top of the 2.50" of rain that we'd had already (a normal year by recent standards) this makes 9.64" for the season.

Fortunately, the house had no obvious signs of water damage, so I'm counting myself lucky and prepared: I had my downspout diverters up and had confidence that my garden could absorb quite a bit of water.  Still, I would have liked to be here.


Rain ???, season total ???

It's been raining cats and dogs, possibly the most exciting storm this year, but I have no update until I return home. See my other blog for some cool pics in the mean time.

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Let's play Global Warming

Found in a store today.

I used OCR on the back side of the package:

Global warming -— the steady
increase in Earth’s air and ocean temperatures since the mid-20th century - is one ofthe most discussed and studied topics in the scientific community today. This kit introduces you to Earth': climate and the issue of global warming with 23 hands-on experiments. Since Earth's formation, its
climate has been constantly changing. Periods ol warmer climate have alternated with ice ages. These changes happen over long periods of time. During the last few decades, a warming in the climate has been
observed everywhere on Earth. While some warming may be due to natural phenomena, scientists predominantly attribute global warming to human influence. This kit gives you the basic knowledge you need to understand the chmate, wlry it changes, and how our actions affect it.

First, learn about Earth's climate
system, weather, and atmosphere by conducting experiments with a model
Earth and atmosphere. Explore the hydrological cycle to learn about humidity, clouds, and precipitation. Model Earth’s heat reservoirs, thermals, global and local winds, and ocean currents.

Next, learn how human activity
influences the climate with experiments involving carbon dioxide and the greenhouse effect. Measure the effects that increased levels of carbon
dioxide have on air temperature.
Finally, investigate the potential
consequences of global warming on humans, ecosystems, and the world's economies. Learn what we can do to protect the climate.


Rain 0.24"; season total 2.50"

0.24" of rain fell overnight for a season total of 2.50" so far.

Anticipating a dry winter and knowing that my natives will look best later with more water now, I was out watering some of them by hand this am, before the clouds had all burned off.

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