Recent rains total 4.81" so far

Today it's a bit wet out - we'll see if we get additional measurable moisture.

Recent rains have brought us a lot of water, particularly compared to last year's drought.  In my backyard with its recently removed spa and concrete decking plus addition of replacement soil, the back yard is a mud pit.  However, it seems to infiltrate rain water reasonably well due to the sandy nature of the soil.  Still, I don't want to walk on it, since I'll track mud everywhere.  Note to self: Move the rain gauge closer to the house to avoid the mud trek and improve my data hygiene on the weather station.

This year, with one previous storm in October dropping 0.9" and the storms noted below we now have 4.81".  Last water-year I measured 4.24" total, for the entire season.

11/22 0.5" rain. (This is a bit of a guess.  The rain gauge in the yard read 5.5"!  Oops - I guess I got a little wild with the hose or someone is punking me.  My weather station read-out was unplugged since forever and it didn't have battery backup, so it was useless.  Batteries now installed!) My report of 0.5" comes from a couple nearby weather stations.

11/29/18 1.31" (I didn't collect the number until several days after the event, and at that time I booked 1.30".  Evaporation seems to be minimal, however, since the newly revived weather station on the roof reported 1.31")

12/7/2018 3.0" on the rain gauge.