0.63" of rain; season total 9.92"

19 Jul 0.43"
20 Jul 0.20"

There's probably some more rain in the near future, but I thought I would note that over a half inch of rain fell locally.  0.38" fell in July of 2007, which is the next highest recent L.A. area rainfall total for the month.  Blame is placed on / credit is given to El Nino for the recent storm.  July of 2007 looks like it was the opposite of El Nino, La Nina, where ocean temperatures are cooler than average.

Earlier I wrote: This is a rainfall total that is exceeded in recent decades only by 1983 (1.25" fell in the L.A. area in August) and 1977 ( 2.47")!  Mean rainfall in the L.A. area in August is 0.07", but most years bring no measurable rain.  Oops.  Those are August figures.