Pictures from electrical nirvanna

Here's the new panel location. Code requires 36" clearance to the fence, which I'll meet with the in-wall system. In-wall mounting also makes it a bit more aesthetic and physically less intrusive on the narrow side yard, which I use weekly to wheel my large city-mandated trash cans (two of three visible) out to the curb. The meter itself will stick out 4" or so at about head height - that can't be avoided - but the panel itself is only ~1" proud of the wall.

Here's the innovative grounding arrangement that I had Gene install inside my garage to prevent a ground-rod trip and impalement hazard and narrowing in the side yard. This is the second of two ground rods. The first is conventionally located outside the garage in an area where I don't think it will be a hazard or problem.

The unthinking person's ground installation would have been on the other side of the wall shown in the picture below, which would put it right in the middle of my narrow side yard (shown above). The flexible conduit carries and protects the 4 AWG, 7 conductor, copper grounding wire.

The house water gets grounded, but doesn't act as a ground.

A 125A, 2 phase subpanel will be mounted inside the garage which will feed the house. When time comes to upgrade the kitchen, a second subpanel can be located in the kitchen.

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