"Pot Depot" trip roundup

The "Pot Depot" (a.k.a. Pottery MFG & Distributing Inc, but since it's located near Home Depot and Office Depot the name is tempting) was a smashing success. There were thousands of glazed pots of all sizes, terra cotta, poly and metal planters, and even straw gardening hats in my size for $5.

Out in the seconds yard we found some good deals:

Five cobalt blue 12" (approx height and max diam) China pots priced at $9 each. If you've visited Lowes or Home Depot recently, you'd know that I'd pay at least $45 for one of these (though of course you wouldn't have to pick through the seconds yard). What appears to be mottling in the color are reflections. It's awaiting seeds from the "One Pot at a Time" Project.

Juli got a few of this 6" square Italianate design for $4 each. They need a hole drilled in the bottom which I think I can do with a masonry bit. Otherwise they were not really deserving of their location in the seconds yard.

We also got two glazed herb pots for $10 and a couple assorted other glazed pots.