Twisted trunk

If you were a tree, you'd find better strength if you could grow in a spiral.  The trunk on this one seems to be doing just that.


Ahhh. Sunset...

 Ahhh. Sunset at Point Vicente on October 16th.  What could be more beautiful?


Log jam

This was jamming up a stream in the Sierra.  When it finally breaks free, it will be a doozy.


Let's install sprinklers...

...and use them to water our trees.  Of course magnolia trees are shallow rooted by nature, but with our watering regimen we can get them all on the surface.  Then let's plant ivy to cover them up.

This is unaesthetic and not very environmentally friendly.  Folks, don't do this.


Useless on top of the ground...

He is useless on top of the ground; he ought to be under it, inspiring the cabbages. -Mark Twain

What's that new planting around the mailbox? It's a bit shaded by the out of place ficus tree and I can't see it clearly.

Rain 0.05"; season total 0.69"

14 Nov 0.05"

This late report languished while I did other important things.


0.54" rain; season total 0.64"

0.37" on 1 November (0.25" at the San Pedro annex this day)
0.17" on 2 Nov.

This added to an earlier 8-Sep-14 rain of 0.10" for a total of 0.64".

After that 8-Sep-14 rainfall I read in the popular press about the start of the water year, and it seemed that I was a month off from what they were reported.  I use Sept 1 and they seemed to be saying that Oct 1 was the water year start.  I'm not motivated enough to track it down and straighten it out right now, but I'm making this note for future reference.

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