One Pot update

Tidy Tips are doing well.

Douglas' Meadowfoam (Limnanthes) is doing OK too.

The Miniature Lupine is a bit of an academic exercise, but now that I understand its role I'll stop having expectations of grandeur. It really is small, and seed germination was sparse. Perhaps I can scatter seed in my vegetable garden next year and use it as a cover crop. For that matter, I could do that everywhere. Las Pilitas has this to say about the Miniature Lupine

A fuzzy little lupine with gray leaves and blue flowers. Useful in revegetation mixes as I've seen it growing on some bad sites. Source: western San Luis Obispo County, California, Godd 9, February 22, 1997. coastal sage scrub. This small annual, is adaptable to a variety of soils, but conditions are best with full sun, open areas, no additional water. small annual, not noticed but very useful in California ecosystems to add nitrogen to the soil so that other plants in the community can benefit.

This is my own little One Pot experiment using Linanthus (Phlox). So far, so good.

I gave up on the Gilia since I never had a single sprout. I overplanted with Claytonia perfoliata (Miner's lettuce) but it might have been too late in the season for good growth. Alternatively, I watered to hard again and buried the seed too deeply. No picture for this.


  1. Is that Lupinus bicolor, from Theodore Payne? It's been similarly disappointing in my garden too. Phooey. At least it germinated, which is more than I can say for L. nanus.

  2. It is indeed Lupinus bicolor. I don't know the seed source. Other seeds in the One Pot At A Time project have come from Larner Seeds and from local sources.