Flowers around the garden

I feel that not posting pictures while my home internet is unavailable would leave me with an insurmountable backlog. So here they are, brought in by sneaker net for your viewing pleasure.

The very first Matilija Poppy flower. This plant is doing well in my yard, despite the fact that my soil is heavier than ideal. Last year I thought it was touch and go, but that must have been due to the dry winter. These flowers can be large - easily palm sized.
This is a seaside daisy (native) of some sort.
Globe Gilia.

This looks like a yarrow of some sort. The yellow flower is early - the rest of the plant will be covered in a week or so. It doesn't show well here, but it's a bright sulfur yellow. In front is Blue Eyed Grass. It's not actually a grass at all - it's in the Iris family.

Clarkia near the new trellis.

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