Garden Rant response

I asked a slightly humorous (well, to me anyway) question over on Garden Rant the other day, and got this thoughtful and considered response. :-)

My original comment and question was in response to a post about working moms who blog. Garden Rant has four (female) contributors who have varying amounts of time to dedicate to it.

I hadn't noticed disparity in post frequency between the four of you. Perhaps that's because you're all quite good.

However, I do have to let you know that I'm feeling a little left out.

What about the working dads who garden and blog about it? Are we in short supply?

Truthfully, I was a little surprised that the Austin pictures mostly featured women, so maybe there's precedent for only talking about single
[oops, I meant working, but single only compounds the issue] moms. But you've got to wonder: Don't more guys garden? Or do they relegate themselves to narrowly specialized segments of gardening? "Flowers? You've got to be kidding! I'm a MAN. I only grow giant pumpkins, ornamental poison oak, and stinging nettles."


  1. Although I'm a chick, I must admit that "ornamental poison oak" sounds like it would be a stunning plant. *grin*