Not too late for tomatoes in LA

Maybe it's not too late for tomatoes. Robert Smaus, now a monthly garden writer for the LA Times, writes April is the Time to Plant Tomatoes, Citrus, and Summer Flowers

It's warm enough in most areas to plant the so-called main crop tomatoes -- all the heirlooms, 'Big Boys' and beefsteaks. Close to the beach, May is a better month, unless you plant a variety that can take cooler weather such as 'Early Girl' or 'Stupice,' a Czech heirloom. When choosing any variety, look for the letters VFN, which indicate verticillium and fusarium wilt and nematode resistance, if you've had problems in the past.

I think he's talking about nursery starts, so according to him I'll be right on time (May) for planting tomatoes in my coastal garden: Early Girl and Celebrity are in, the heirlooms will be ready next month! I feel relieved not to be violating conventional wisdom.

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