Coffaro wine order placed!

I made my annual order from David Coffaro winery today. Dave has his "Crazy Back to the Futures Program" which I've participated in for the past five years or so. Futures sales of wine are called that because you purchase the wine before it is made. For example, the 2003 Estate Zinfandel that I purchased (and have happily consumed) I would have ordered and paid for in spring of 2003. In fall of 2003 it would have been harvested, and in summer of 2004 it would have been bottled, and finally it would have been shipped to me in winter of 2004.

The cost savings allows me to drink wines that I enjoy for $15 - $17 per bottle that will sell at retail for $26 - $32. Dave likes not having to maintain a high balance on his credit line, and the risk of a poor vintage is shared by us both, but mitigated by Dave's blending skills and pride of ownership.

Dave also keeps a winemaker's diary which is an interesting read.

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