Garden bloom contrasts; seeds planted

My Olallieberry plants have had a sudden bloom.

Looks like a bumper crop is on the way.

Meanwhile, my Western Redbud (Cercis Occidentalis) has exactly ONE SMALL red bud. Apparently they bud out more profusely as they get more mature.

Seeds planted in peat pots today: Koval's Giant pumpkins, Lumina pumkins (a white variety), Strawberry red popping corn, Bright Lights multi-colored chard, Allsweet watermelon, Charantais melon.


  1. How much space do you have?

  2. It's your standard 50x100 suburban lot, but the house is smaller than you'd expect, leaving more space to grow stuff.

    If your comment is targeted at the large number of vegetables and fruits that I'm growing, then the answer is probably not enough. However, between attrition and aggressive plans to rip out my early tomatoes sooner in the season to make space for the next crop, I think I'll be OK.

  3. Training Hearts09 May, 2008 07:48

    Oh, do please share where you bought your olallieberry plants? I've been looking and looking for plants to grow :)

    TrainingHearts-email @yahoo.com

  4. They're hand-me-downs from a family friend, but I've seen them for sale in Dec-Jan at local garden centers. Anderson Nursery is the place that comes to mind.