From seeds, growing

Here's a picture of some Sun Gold tomatoes that are sprouting up. I often use a paper egg crate to start seeds. This year I had the obvious innovation of placing it in a broiling pan with water in the bottom. This lets me not fret about keeping it watered during the day. The whole thing goes out on the patio in the sun, and rests overnight under a (dim) fluorescent light. Sometimes I feel that I have to chase the sun around the house, so in the late afternoon I'll move the seeds from the back patio to the front porch. Or not. It depends on how motivated I am.

This year I'm plenty motivated since the pickings of starts at the nursery were unexpectedly slim not to mention that the Sun Golds I grew last year from a nursery start were not as tasty as those I grew the year previous from this seed. Add to that the fact that I feel I'm late with the whole planting thing and I get an overall sense that I ought to be doing SOMETHING! This is worst after I've planted seed but before it's sprouted: Is it dud seed? It'll be too late to plant if I wait for little sprouts to show up. Maybe I ought to buy a backup plant or two at the nursery? No, no. This is all part of a plan whereby I take advantage of my tardiness to plant early bearing nursery starts in order to phase my harvest over a longer period of time - give it time to work.

And it did.


  1. I also feel so behind with vegetables this year. What happened to March? I must have been kidnapped by aliens or something.

    I would think in LA you could plant tomatoes any old time.

  2. Some people are able to keep their tomatoes as semi-perennials here. And inland areas can probably grow year round.

    On the coast we have something known as June gloom, which is a coastal cloud cover / haze, usually between April and June. Vegetables that get only mid day exposure (such as my garden) don't grow too fast under those conditions since the gloom is usually burning off around 12 - 1. Instead of degree-days we have degree-hours.

    Some years it's worse than others. I've actually thought that there was something wrong with my garden in previous years before recognizing how significant the gloom can be.