Wild for Aristida

My front garden has undergone some shifts. I've found that Aristida pupurea is to both my liking and loves my growing conditions, so I've been growing and planting it in profusion. Ranked in lines or rows, the formal component of the line seems to counteract the informality of the grass and gives me something casual but not random looking. I have a more mature staggered row on the left side of the yard, shown below in the foreground. Behind in yellow is Encelia(? a prolific bloomer after a slow start), a citrus, Matilija poppy (just a low, grey green, patch of new growth now), and the trellis where the Vitus californica 'Rogers Red' grows.

Up next to the pavers and brick of the driveway I have infant A. pupurea in a more regimented line. The line might have to be imagined in the photo below. There's some mounds of prostrate Artemisia (California sagebrush), a Cleveland sage, Eriogonum grande (Red Buckwheat, two smaller mounds), Galvezia (Island snapdragon, which bloomed prolifically in its first year, but not extremely well since), and three artichokes up next to the porch in the background here. The artichokes are a pleasing success story after losing one to rot and thinking that they would never grow. They are the picture of health now. The bare spots in the yarrow cover near the sidewalk need a filler. I'm thinking small agave cultivars at the moment.

Here's a close up. Aristeda on the lower left, unidentified wildflower in the upper right (at least I hope it's a wild flower).

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