Rainfall 0.09"; 4.46" seasonal total

This was so light a rainfall and I was sleeping so hard that when the cat came to the door meowing pitifully at 3:30 AM, I didn't believe it was actually rain. I figured that the cat had thrown in the towel due to heavy fog! Later that morning I had to look at the weather report and go outside to assess the drop size. We had a bit under 0.05" at that point with the remainder falling by noonish, I think.

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  1. We got at least 0.1", all in the 10 minutes it took to walk my daughter to school that morning. Wouldn't you know, it stopped raining right after we arrived.

    We were woken up by rain in the middle of the night. We must have been sleeping under a rainband. Our garden sure did appreciate the soft rainwater (vs the hard municipal water).