2010 blog goals

I typically don't make resolutions, but in the spirit of resolutions, here are my goals for the blog and for myself in 2010.

250 blog posts. 250 was a good number in 2008, but I didn't meet it in 2009. I spent some of my 2009 time distratcted by my new iPhone, but I've found a comfortable way to post from the iPhone now and I'm hoping that it will add to the blog productivity.

Blog content: I want to blog more about gardening and keep the other non-gardening posts about where they are now. I will try to add more food and wine to the mix, as I have had a resurgence of interest in wine.

More diverse outdoor activities. I'm thinking hiking, mostly, but I'll continue to be interested in native plant activities. I had this goal in 2009, but visited the gym instead. I think that with the iPhone in hand blogging from the trail has never been easier. Shifting activities in my personal and family life may free up more time for this as well.

Bloom Day participation. Every 15th, garden bloggers participate in bloom day. I haven't seemed to find time near the 15th, but I'll try to this year. I may have to cheat and post the weekend before. This seems like a fun community effort.

Adapt to change. Change is in the wind, so plan to be adaptable and this blog will hopefully reflect that.

Sleep more. 'nuff said.

Happy New Year!


  1. Happy new year - thanks for dropping in on our native plant blog! My new year's resolution was to start the day with at least a few minutes of sitting, paying attention to my breath. Even though I don't sit long enough for my coffee to get cold, I still feel like this beginning practice has helped me to stay a bit more centered in my centerless world! Breathing treatment indeed...

  2. Happy new year to you too.

    I'm glad the multiple interpretations of this blog's name aren't being ignored. I've often thought of my posts as a mental exercise that gives me a breath of fresh air.