Rainfall 0.75"; 6.40" seasonal total

Today's storm brought 3/4 of an inch in my back yard.  It had cleared by mid afternoon and I was home early enough to pull some weeds and plant some garlic.  While digging the garlic I noticed that despite ~2" of rain in the last two days the soil wasn't wet more than 1" down in parts of the garden and lawn.  At first I thought that it was due to being in a sheltered  location, but now I think that the soil was so dry in areas that the water beaded up and flowed off. 

PS: Is it season total or seasonal total?  I see I've been writing seasonal, but maybe that's too stilted and formal sounding.


  1. I'd go with season total, where the noun season is used as an adjective. Seasonal is more something temporary, or that comes and goes with the season. Like we have seasonal rain in California (comes one season a year), but your talking about the total for the season of rain.

    I'm trying to find out how much rain we've gotten. In my city the airport earlier today listed .4 inches at the airport in 24hrs, but 1.4inches dowtown. And there's not a huge difference in distance.

  2. OK. I'll go with season instead of seasonal.

    I compare my backyard rainfall to "nearby" Los Angeles City (about 15 miles away as the crow flies). I've found good linear correlation to the total rainfall for each of the past several years. The amounts do differ, however.