2009 goals in review

One year ago, I set some modest goals for 2009.

I thought that 250 or so blog posts would be appropriate for this year, but by my count I only had 159, which is only 63% of my goal. I also wanted to post more photos (with tags), but I'm not sure that I did. I'll have to take an F on those combined goals. As an excuse, I'll have to say that while I wasn't blogging, progress was being made on many fronts, some of which don't get much blog time. The blog diverged from majority native plant topics, which I hope is only temporary.

I did spend a little blog time on home improvement projects. One of my 2009 goals was to complete the To Do list items, and I mostly did. I'll give myself an A for that goal. I now have a whole new list of To Do items, but they are less ambitious which is progress of a while different kind.

I also wanted to spend more time doing outside activities in 2009 - I believe that I had native plant classes, hikes, or restorations in mind. I also thought I might want to take up dancing again. I had cautioned that didn't have time for these activities, but it turned out that I made time for regular gym visits instead. So while I didn't meet either goal, so I'll take a B for doing something in a related area. The disadvantage of the gym is that it's not really a bloggable activity, whereas my intended activities would have added to my dismal 159 posts.

My final goal was to get more sleep. I think I am making progress on that front, but not as much as I want, so I'll give myself a C.

With and A, a B, an F, and a C my overall grade for 2009 Resolutions is around C+.

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