Viola Park

For the next house...

Henrybuilt is pleased to announce that Viola Park is open for business!

Thank you for your interest in Viola Park and for joining our e-mail list. Viola Park is open for business and is currently taking and producing orders.

Viola Park is an innovative new company, owned and operated by the Henrybuilt Corporation, offering well designed kitchen systems at an accessible price. Created as a collection of interchangeable components, Viola Park can be configured to meet a wide range of architectural styles.

The company will be launching a new website shortly that will offer online planning tools, including a decision matrix, to help customers create a Viola Park design uniquely suited to their home. Stay tuned!

Price lists and additional information are available upon request. We welcome your feedback and ideas.

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  1. I was sad to see "Pine Gallery" on Green and Artesia went out of business. They built custom furniture and cabinets at a very reasonable price. They used workshops in nearby SoCal and Mexico. That is more local to LA than the factories in the northern midwest, and provided good jobs to our neighbors to the south.