The great Lair mushroom hunt

When I was at Lair of the Bear, I went mushrooming with Amy BeberVanzo. Here's a nice photo of her posing by road marker 5N67 - the farthest afield that we roamed (near 8000' elevation).

A year or two ago she found Porcini mushrooms just off a nearby access road. We didn't have luck finding any Porcini, or delectable mushrooms of any kind. The best we found was "edible but inconsequential" (Orange Peel mushroom) and "thought to be edible" (puffballs). We did have a great time walking and exploring and I came back with these amazing pictures. Thanks, Amy!

This is a marmot. We were somewhere around 7500' elevation.

There were a couple of this golden hued mushroom that glowed like a leprechaun's pot of gold.

I found a few of these slime molds too. They have a very short life span. VERY slimy!

Orange Peel mushroom.

Termites were swarming a fallen log and a dead tree


The insides of the puffballs go from looking like a soft, ripe cheese to looking like this as they get progressively riper.

Do you know what this is?

Here it is again. Now do you know?

Yes, I know it's not a mushroom. Later I'll have to post about all the flowers that I couldn't identify without help.


  1. That looks like Triteleia ioxides in the first flower picture and...some kind of Linanthus in the second.

    Great fungi pictures!

  2. badmom: On the money. When I was reviewing the photos I didn't remember what the the first sap photo was until I'd seen the second.

    I've wanted to go mushrooming for years. This hunt convinced me that I will go again.