New driveway III

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In the AM.

By 4PM. There's small gravel in the permeable interstitial spaces between pavers. This guy is brushing it into place. A sealer goes on next. Miguel Cisneros sure did a good job.

The pathway is defined with a different paver orientation. Too subtle?

6 P.M. B.C. is taking the first stroll on the path.

Some late night visitors in the backyard. Mom and two babies. They also tried the driveway later on their way to the sewer drain.


  1. That looks really nice. And thanks for helping to improve our local water quality.

  2. Looks great! Nice how the bricks edging the driveway go with the bricks on the house.

  3. Thanks, both of you.

    I had Miguel use salvaged bricks from my yard mixed with new "used" brick to match the existing brick facade.