Oak attrition on the Upper 40

The first three pictures show the fate of representative oak seedlings on the Upper 40. Recall that my brother and I had "planted" somewhere in excess of a couple hundred acorns last winter. Tens of those sprouted and I was optimistic that we'd have a bumper crop of new oaks. The gophers apparently like oak seedlings as much as I do. Here's a photo of one that I pulled from the ground. The second photo, a close up of the root, shows characteristic teeth marks.

Photo 3 is one of the remaining seedlings, still apparently healthy. The loose earth nearby is tailings from a gopher hole, so that tells me that gophers can overlook nearby victims.

Photo 4 is of a plant that I suspect is a native, but I can't identify it. Can anyone out there?

Here's a photo of its leaves.

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  1. It's a sticker that gets in all our animal's fur, (and all over me if I'm not careful). The leaves, flowers, and seeds are something in the carrot family.