New driveway II

See also my prior blog post, New driveway.

This AM Juli and I met Miguel and we laid out the rough contour of the garden edge and finalized details of the brick border. I have read and I believe that the most aesthetic front door pathways are made of a distinctive material from adjacent driveways. Here, I struggled with that idea because the driveway is already small and adding another material would make it look smaller and possibly chopped up. My solution is to make the driveway and path all of one material, but the pathway will have the pavers placed 90 degrees to the ones in the main driveway - a textural difference rather than a color or materials difference. A small integral planter was redefined near the house that provides physical separation of the path from the driveway.

This PM the driveway looked like this. That's roadbed material in the center, bricks (matched to the ones on the house already are the edges) . Pavers to be delivered tomorrow, I hope. The garden side border will be put in last in order to allow an integer number of pavers across the width. A planter (not raised) will go in front of the left side of the garage and proved additional separation between the front door path (at left of drive) and the garage.

I will keep the narrow Penstemon flower bed, losing only a couple inches from it.

The PVC pipe defines the curved border. There's additional PVC (3 pieces of 3/4" Schedule 40, I think) buried under the drive for water or electrical or ???.

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  1. It all looks good, ill be looking forward to seeing the full results..