New water service

The last week of my vacation was spent on this project. I hired a plumber (peterclarkeplumbing.com) and acted as gofer and grunt. With two actual plumbers and me, the project took 2 days of work (one was 14 hours). The City inspected about mid-day on Day 3, and I backfilled the trench after getting his OK (still not really done to perfection because apparently the soil doesn't pack back as tightly as it once was).

Trench from the street up to the side of my house. Pipe is combination 3/4" soft copper flex and hard copper. I hope the root disturbance doesn't weaken the Italian Cypress too much. Old water entry point is the near corner of the house.

New water entry point is in side yard, giving a better line of access up in the attic (house is on slab, so all services are in attic). Holes in exterior wall show where the water supply is fed up between windows.

1952 water meter has 1/2" pipe, but the rest is 3/4" . Peter thinks this is how they regulated pressure in the bad old days. There's no other adjustable pressure regulator.
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