Weekends roundup - Ren Faire, attic vent, etc

Last weekend I attended the Ren Faire. Weather was beautiful in Pomona - breezy and 70F. I picked up some really nice ceramics from Jon Price. I've let my interest in ceramics languish for a while but these had such a nice glaze on them that I couldn't say no.

This weekend I managed to strike one more small item off my to do list by adding an attic vent over my room. This 1954 or '56 addition to the house had only a gable vent (no soffit vents), poor connection to the rest of the attic (through a small crawlway in what used to be the roof of the original house), and no insulation in the ceiling. I managed to fix two of three by expanding the crawlway and adding an attic vent. I'll leave the insulation task for later. I also think that I need a few more soffit vents to get best air flow and therefore best cooling in my attic, but I'm certainly going to be cooler this summer.

Home Depot says, "You should have 1 square foot of unblocked vent for every 300 cubic feet of free attic space. Distribute intake and outtake vents evenly throughout your attic. For adequate air circulation, vents must draw and release air through multiple sources." with ~1000 square feet and approximately 5' at the roof peak, I should have about 2500 cubic feet or 8 to 9 square feet of vent (intake and outlet combined but distributed evenly, I think). I doubt that I have half of that, so there's clearly more room for improvement.

I'm just about done with the easy home chores before I have to tackle replumbing. On the one hand, I'm biting off as much as I can easily chew in a weekend. On the other hand, I have to get started on the pipes some time since repiping is necessary for upgraded electrical.

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