California native grasses on Praire Ave - Fin

Previously, in part trois, I had claimed influence with my fair city in regards to putting in native plants in a nearby landscaping project. Not so much.

A quick driveby on the day of plant installation showed tons of exotics and nary a native to be found. A quick email to my City contacts and the story gets muddled. I'd like to think there were a few red faces, but they were probably only slightly pink behind the ears, and only briefly at that. I heard a lot of second hand excuses from the landscape installer: wrong time of year, only flower once per year, couldn't get them in quantity, etc. Personally, I suspect that there was a sweetheart deal / kickback arrangement between the landscaper and his supplier. If the landscaper were forced to buy from a different supplier, then bye bye sweetheart deal.

Ultimately they did come back and install some Douglas iris and ceanothus - sort of sprinkled in between the roses, agapanthus, pittosporum, and bird of paradise. I'm not sure I give them a long life with the summer water, but regardless of plant selection the area looks better than before so I have a net gain in happiness.

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