"True" cost of home improvement hobby

As an estimate of the true cost of my home improvement hobby, I tallied the receipts that I have on hand from Home Depot, Lowes, and Habitat for Humanity (who supplied the French doors). The total is $2345.27. The earliest expenditure is 9/2006. The most recent is today. This doesn't reflect returns or lost receipts, of which I believe there is more than one. Nor does it include my time, the psychic reward, the increase/decrease in home value or the exterior plantings.

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  1. Hello Bam

    Thanks for your comment about my ecologs. It's the first time someone I dont know has responded directly to one of my blogs, and it leaves me somewhat taken aback. I've been dedicating a good bit of effort to this strange endeavor with little sense of what it's all about, other than fulfilling the assignment I've given to students and providing a place to warehouse relics of experience for some possible future use.

    Occasionally I check Google analytics to see how many people click on my pages, but I'm never sure whether the hits are traces of an automated web crawler or interested people, and either way it doesnt much matter. But to hear out of the ether a real voice expressing appreciation of the effort is different. And to discover the speaker up to the same kind of shenanigans--a person who gives meaning to daily experiences by arranging words and pictures about them mainly for his own amusement--is quite disarming.

    I too will return to your blog, to follow past threads and track the future unrolling. The suspicion that you're out there occasionally inspecting my extrusions adds a bit more excitement to this mysterious process.