Weekend wrapup

This weekend included a trip to the dump (I had amazing support from Juli on that one), construction of a backyard tepee made from the remains of the bottle brush tree and the cotoneaster, the Wilson Park farmers' market, shopping at Costco (meat, a weed whacker, and a new DVD player), BBQ both Sat and Sunday (including a first of BBQ broccoli, which I probably won't try again with the same technique), toasted marshmallows with son on Sunday night after his return from his mother's.

The farmers' market had delicious fresh strawberries and a second week of cherries (also fantastic). John from Tenerelli Orchards is not yet at the farmers' market, so I know the peaches aren't ready. A quick taste of some early peaches from other growers proved me right.

Other activities: Harvested seed from front yard meadow, thought about how to extend natives into the area between sidewalk and curb, used the new new weed whacker to demo the front yard meadow, made pieces for 5 wooden tool boxes for cub scouts to build, helped Juli get her wisteria planted, watched a couple episodes of the first season of 6 Feet Under. I'm really enjoying catching up on the last decade of video and movies.

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