Fire in Griffith Park - opportunity knocking

Monkeyflower over on California Native Plant PR is urging the City of LA to do the right thing and not hydroseed with non-natives in the burned out areas of Griffith Park. A review of the LA Times turns up an article on the Griffith Park Fire that seems to indicate an awareness of the issue.

Albert Torres, the park's chief ranger, said that among the questions the group will deal with is whether or not to re-seed burned areas or let vegetation come back naturally.

"The fire is part of the ecology of the area. There are an assortment of native plants that will not propagate unless there is a fire," Torres said.

I have to agree, but instead of merely blogging, I'll write a letter, or at least an email.

11 May P.M. update. I kept it short and sweet.

Hello -

I'm writing to express support for the idea of using the recent fire as a starting point for a native plant recovery program in Griffith Park. Native plants have a wealth of advantages over non-natives and have a particularly California aesthetic that is gaining currency with the public at large.

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