Memorial Day weekend wrapup

Friday was the Raingutter Regatta - think balsawood sail boats, powered by huffing and puffing Cub Scouts, furiously racing a 12' length of rain gutter. We lost miserably. Even a scout that didn't show up had a faster boat. It turns out our sail was too wide and dragged on the edges of the gutter. Bad parent that I am, I had taken charge of the absent kid's boat and had some of the smaller Scouts race it. We were beaten handily each time. Chalk it up as learning experience.

Scouts then met at the National Cemetery in Westwood on Saturday at the painful hour of 7:30 AM in order to place flags on the graves of the veterans buried there. Our group was responsible for a couple hundred, but ended up doing a few more areas as well. Some of the history was interesting: We saw grave sites from the Spanish American war as well as non-citizen veterans from the world over: Mexico, Phillipines, Italy and Germany. With our renewed focus on Memorial Day as a nation, this was a fitting activity.

We visited the Wilson Park Farmers' Market later and got our first haul of delicious summer fruit. Cherries were even better than last week, if possible. Some early peaches were delicious, as were the plums.

Sunday we BBQ'd with family and GF Juli. My famous pork ribs were the featured entree, and guests brought delicious side dishes and fantastic desserts. Construction of the tee pee continued, and we got it all lashed up and draped (not so well) with a canvas drop cloth.

Monday was a visit to the Fiesta Hermosa where I purchased a pair of sculptures to watch over the back yard from Jeanne and Dana of paperandstone.com. They are similar in concept to this, but friendlier looking.

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