Rain 2.48"; season total 16.16"

We're having a high rainfall year officially now. With some more storms coming through later this week we'll soon be into the high teens of inches for the year.

2.48" total for this storm with
2.20" measured at 6 pm on the 20th and
0.28" measured on the morning of the 21st with clear skies ahead for the day.

Update: Based on blue skies this AM I didn't take an umbrella and got caught in a downpour today, so there will be another blog post later on.  Rain is expected about every other day this week and we already have the second highest rainfall in the past seven years that I've tracked in my back yard.  The gray dashed line in the graph below is this year's rainfall.  Only the seriously large rainfall of 2004-05 exceeds it.

- Posted at great expense from my iPhone


  1. What kind of rain gauge do you use? Where did you get it? I need a better rain gauge.

  2. I have a plastic rain gauge that my father found somewhere in Santa Barbara. I think it's inexpensive but it has a lot of nice features. For example, It has a tapered design so that low rainfall is more accurately measured. It's also compact enough that it isn't unwieldy looking and it was easy to mount in a custom wood bracket that I made.

    I have looked for my type of rain gauge online and been unsuccessful at finding it except in lots of 100. I think it's meant to be a promotional item with your own logo printed onto it.

    See a photo in this blog post:

  3. http://www.amazon.com/John-Deere-Tapered-Rain-Gauge/dp/B001QX8CEG

    This rain gauge is similar to mine and inexpensive. In qty 100 it's available from Staples promotional dept for $1.80. There's an additional cost to add your logo.

  4. Sierra Foothills @3000' weather report: 8" to 1' of snow last night & no power. Here's our rain gauge during a storm last year.

  5. @sierrafoot

    I have one of those rain gauges too, but I've found its accuracy to be a bit less than desirable. ;-)