To Do list update

I've updated my To Do list today with a couple accomplishments from the past weeks and a couple more tasks.

The latest task involve making some of my interior space more usable. The clothes closets in both my room and my son's are not optimal. I've known this for a while, but it's really been at the front of my mind during the recent Christmas season when I've been trying to tidy, hide gifts, put away clothes, and so forth. All with a certain amount of struggle because the spaces are just difficult to use.

Maybe it makes sense to purchase a modular storage system at one of the numerous sales that are going on now, courtesy of the struggling economy. The Elfa storage system at The Container Store is on sale right now through Feb 9.

I watched some videos on how to put the closet system together, mostly with an eye on whether the system would be suitable, and it looks OK. I'll check it out in person soon at one of the stores. The pictured system shown above (see http://www.containerstore.com/browse/Product.jhtml?CATID=68559&PRODID=10024072 for original source) goes for $375.38, marked down from $568.32. This is the cheapest of the "whole closet" solutions, but it seems a reasonable price given the engineering that has gone into the system. The vertical supports are hung from a horizontal rail and all the pieces snap in and almost self-locate after that one rail is installed.

Additionally, both closets need lights, and mine needs a larger door.

I don't that I'll be doing this task this weekend. Instead, I'll try to finish up some of my other tasks that still remain undone: putting door shoes on the French Doors and painting are numbers one and two tasks. Number three is insulating my attic access.

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