Santa Barbara vacation

I was in Santa Barbara at the end of 2008.

Late Christmas.

We went to the beach.

Saw some friends.

Went to the Santa Barbara Botannical Gardens. The gardens now charges handsomely for admission. I used to hike into it for free when I lived there (they didn't charge at that time anyway).

The meadow is at the entrance/exit. For a couple years there was an interesting woven willow house at the top of the meadow.

I think that kids enjoy the gardens.

Clearly the large boulder didn't give this Coast Live Oak any problems when it was growing.

That's all I have pictures of. We also went to La Super Rica Taqueria. I like the Especial and the Rajas. McConnells ice cream was good too.

full set of large photos


  1. So beautiful in SB. We thought about going to La Super Rica, but sounded like it would be difficult.

  2. A high school buddy runs the register at La Super Rica. It's always nice to catch up.