Margaret's Mallow

I gave my friend Margaret a couple tree mallows (Lavatera assurgentiflora) while back. I've written about her California wildflower yard before. Here's what she wrote to me recently.

Hi Brent,

The top photo is from the first day of planting. The bottom photo was taken today. The mallow has been in the ground for one month. As you can see it is growing nicely. BTW, the plant is not as close to the wall as it appears. The other mallow I planted this past weekend at my parent's house. My mom was very excited to receive it. I told her the back story.

In other news, a lady walked by my yard and told me she makes it a point to walk down my street to see the progress. She told me she is letting her lawn go and will replace it with drought resistant plants. I gave her a bag of seeds harvested from my yard. She was so thrilled. Slowly, but surely, lawns will be a thing of the past!


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