New Year's r^Hgoals

I don't usually make New Year's resolutions. I find that I'm more introspective on my birthday. Perhaps it's because my birthday is in spring, the traditional time of rebirth and New Years is just after our darkest and dreariest days.

With that preamble, I'd like to offer some modest goals for 2009:

250 blog posts. I estimate that I made just over 250 blog posts in 2008. I don't have a hard target number for 2009, but I think that my pace was appropriate, so 250 seems right. I have an additional goal of including more photos. I received a very nice camera in 2008, so that part should be easy. Tagging my photos is something I should do as well.

Complete To Do list items. I'd like to complete more home improvement tasks and triumphantly blog about them, complete with strike outs on my To Do lists.

More outside activities. There's a lot of native plant activities in my area. I want to participate more in them in order to network and learn. This might not be achievable with the current demands on my time. Still, I'll throw it out there. How about taking up dancing again? Same caution applies.

Get to bed earlier. But this requires less of everything else. Oh well.

One of the contractors that I work with (sometimes in opposition, sometimes not) expressed appreciation for the "creative tension" that I put on them, which inspires excellence. I think that's a useful force in our own lives too.

'night. Zzzz.

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