Rain 0.15"; 4.33" seasonal total

Another 0.10 inch overnight.

I woke up several times to the sound of large volumes of rushing water, but I think it was a geyser from a broken water main down the street.

Then another 0.05" during the day.

An many news outlets have noted, we are behind expectations on rainfall.


  1. I am actually commenting on your Nov. 17, 2007 article on Dominguez Channel restoration. I am interested in seeing some of the "flood control" channels in our area (I live in the Harbor Gateway next to the city of Gardena) restored to natural banks or at least planted with natives on the banks to create walking and biking pathways. I have attended two of the Dominguez Watershed Advisory Board meetings which are held quarterly on the first Wednesday of the second month of the quarter from 1:30-3:30 p.m. The next one should be Feb. 4 and will most likely be held at the Carson City Hall, upstairs. Contact me for more information as I am trying to form a Friends of the Dominguez Watershed to work on watershed improvements: rosalieannp@hotmail.com

  2. Very interesting. I'll be in touch.