Salad spinner? Who needs 'em

The LA Times has a Food Section article about the newly rivitalized salad spinner. Many new designs are on store shelves, they work better than ever, etc, etc.

...Judging by how many of these devices appearing on store shelves these days, manufacturers are hoping to entice us to put our salads back on the spin cycle. In testing six new or popular models, I rated them on ease of assembly and use, appearance (especially whether the bowl was attractive enough for serving) and, of course, how well they dried the lettuce leaves. I deliberately started with overly drenched greens, and whirled each gadget for 30 revolutions.

All the spinners have basic elements in common. There's an outer bowl that houses an inner colander and a snap-on lid with a spinning mechanism. And that's where things get interesting: Pick from cranks, knobs, levers and a plunger....

The author of the article writes,

I've always been old school, washing lettuce in a big bowl, then giving it another rinse in a colander. With a plate on top of the colander, I vigorously shake the leaves dry.

But it's clear that I'm a lettuce loner. Nearly everyone I know seems to have had a salad spinner.

I'm surprised no one mentioned the ad-hoc salad spinner that I have used successfully for years. I can't be the only one who has thought of it: I take my washed lettuce and place it into the center of a clean kitchen towel, drawing the corners together to make a sort of sling to carry the lettuce. I then walk outside and whirl this around by hand for only a few seconds, et voila, dry lettuce.

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