French doors coming up

This weekend I have the help of buddy Warren, who will give me guidance on putting in some French doors as outlined in this previous blog post.

There's some controversy about putting the door in place of the existing window rather than centered under the roof peak. The reasons are practical and aesthetic: The window is the same width as the doors that will replace it and there is already a header in place that I can use. The interior layout of the room would be really jammed up if I centered the doors as seen from the outer wall since a closet takes up space on the left side of the doors (as viewed from outside). Long term plans call for demoing the closet, and perhaps replacing with a small window. If and when I do that, the open wall space is more valuable in a long stretch than evenly spaced around the door. Finally, offset placement allows for a new garden bed to the left of the doors that will physically and visually separate the bedroom door area from the kitchen door area. I could change my mind, of course, but these seem compelling, particularly the part about not having to put in a new header.

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