Headed to the Lair of the Golden Bear

We're sailing on Wed PM with Warren and then taking off Thursday AM for N. California. We'll spend a day with my buddy Marc in Calaveras County and then a week at Lair of the Golden Bear. This is my 4th or 5th? year at Lair and my son's second. (I attended as a child.) Here's a link to my 2007 blog entry about what to bring.

We have Twain and Harte short stories to provide context for our Calaveras County visit provided at a bargain price by Dave's Olde Books as well as an audio book of Bridge to Terabithia. After I purchased it (also from Dave's) I was told it's commonly read in 5th grade, so my choice seems quite prescient. I also thought I'd try a couple hours of Dr. Demento and see how that went over with the 10 year old. No DVD players for the long car trip - I think we can bond over and through the audio, but not with him in suspended mental animation while he watches a movie.

I'm planning on driving back through Santa Barbara to rest a day on the 23rd. Back in LA on the 24th.

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