French door project progress

As I write this, I have a nice gaping hole in the side of my bedroom - just right for two new doors. Warren will be here tomorrow early AM and if all goes to plan, we'll hang and install my two doors.

There's some disappointments: A jack stud was riddled with termites - it looks like they attacked the window (it was really bad - former owner had tarted it up with all manner of patches) and moved from there into the king stud and jack stud on one side of the window. They don't appear to have gotten into the header. I've pulled off the old jack stud, but I'm debating about replacing the king stud. It could be too complicated to do so, and the load bearing will be taken by the new jack stud that I install. Will decide tomorrow.

I didn't get as far on the electrical as I had hoped. Warren has more experience there, so I think this is nothing more than analysis paralysis.

Juli has taken pictures, so I'll post those when I have a chance.

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