French door project underway

I stripped off most of the stucco from the area where I'll be installing the new French doors this evening. Juli helped and enjoyed swinging a sledge. She'll enjoy the Sawz All even more, I'm sure.

There's an electrical outlet that needs to be moved located where the new door is going, and I wanted to inspect that situation as well as suss out the condition of the wall studs. It turns out that there was one stud with some termite damage and a significant amount of dry rot around the window, but nothing show stopping thus far. Both those weak areas get removed in this upgrade.

I had a phone conversation with Warren and we agreed that it was so far so good. He'll bring a few tools on Sunday that I don't have. Confidence is high since we've done this job together once before.

I'm changing plans slightly: I wasn't originally planning to do many electrical modifications, but I now think I want an outdoor outlet, a switched lamp above the new doors, and a two gang interior electrical outlet. I'll need to inventory my parts tomorrow.

Pictures were taken, but those will have to wait.

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